Garrett Consulting Group, LLC provides training, on-site auditing, policy and procedure review, investigations, and consultation with 24/7 availability for our clients.*

On-site training and webinar presentations can be as simple or complex as desired.

The list of consulting and training topics below gives a sampling of areas where we can provide help, but it is by no means exhaustive. 

*Garrett Consulting Group, LLC does not give legal advice.

Consulting and Training Topics

  • Medical Confidentiality
  • Consent, Informed Consent, Capacity
  • Defensive Charting and Records Retention
  • Hospital Conditions of Participation
  • Healthcare Facility Licensing
  • Peer Review and Credentialing
  • Public Health Policies
  • Mandated Reporting
  • Mental Health and Involuntary Holds
  • Minors' Access to Healthcare
  • Correctional Care Issues and Audits
  • Incident Reporting and Sentinel Events
  • Patients' Rights

  • Education Privacy
  • Discrimination (EEO)
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Gender and Diversity
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Bullying/Abusive Conduct
  • Workplace Violence
  • Retaliation
  • Managers' Responsibilities
  • Hiring/Firing/Promotion Practices
  • Performance Reviews
  • Recordkeeping and Documentation
  • Zero Tolerance and Drug Testing