Linda Garrett

Linda Garrett has provided risk management and loss prevention services to clients for over 25 years. She currently works with cities, counties, school districts, medical centers, rural hospitals, public health departments, behavioral healthcare providers, and correctional care facilities throughout California and Nevada. 

Linda provides training and consultation on a variety of topics including medical consent, charting, mandated reporting, patient abandonment, involuntary mental health treatment, patients' rights, ethics, and federal and state medical confidentiality rules.

In addition, Linda trains on workplace violence, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and bullying. She has worked to develop award-winning materials regarding these topics, including scripts for nationally distributed videos and e-learning programs. She also investigates workplace incidents, and helps write policies and procedures for employers.

Linda enjoys volunteering as a cat trapper for the San Francisco SPCA feral fix program, and fosters kittens for San Francisco Animal Care and Control (Toni's Kitty Rescue). She also reads, skis, bikes, and walks in her spare time!